Albena, Bulgaria

Just 30km away from the famous Bulgarian tourist city Varna, you will find Albena, a peaceful purpose-built resort on the Black Sea Coast. This is a place where you can calm your mind and relax your body. Nature provides perfect conditions, optimal humidity, warm, but not scorching sun and a season that lasts from May to November. On the 4 km long beach there are several restaurants, cafes, and hotels with 2-4 stars ranking to suit every budget. For more adventurous tourists, camping could be a good option provided that there are many green areas. Traditional dishes or international cuisine- the choice is all yours. Restaurants of all kinds and can be found here from fast food, taverns to classy diners.
Albena is as much fun for your children as it is for you. While you enjoy the sun or spa treatments, kids have their way of entertaining. There are playgrounds and amusement parks which will keep them occupied for hours and leave you at ease as they are perfectly safe. Water sports, yachting, mini-golfing, and surfing jets are some of the things you can turn into your daytime activities. For the night you can get all fancy and go to a club or dare your luck in a casino.
This part of the Black Sea offers gorgeous scenery. The Balata nature reserve abounds in blooming nature. This resort was an empty land just forty years ago, but its natural advantages made it grow into a desirable tourist destination. The architecture is unique, the beaches are sandy and the water is not too deep. The nearest airport is 45 km away. 
 Albena is even more attractive for tourists who take pleasure in spa treatments. After you spend a few days here, you will feel reborn, rejuvenated and healthier. The sun radiation is moderate and favorable. The climate is ideal, the air is clean and rich in iodine, bromine, and fluorine which have healing effects on people with low immunity and respiratory problems. There are mineral water springs that enable spa medication activities.
For those who suffer from kidney-urological, gastrointestinal, and other diseases it is recommendable that they drink this water with a perfectly balanced amount of magnesium, carbonate-sodium, calcium, hydrogen sulfide, and meta-silicone acid. The water combined with the climate factors is a cure for individuals with all kinds of health problems, a good treatment for sports and a real pleasure for healthy people. Albena is widely recognized as an ecologically preserved place and proves more for that is the Blue Flag prize which was awarded to this town. 
Dobrudja Hotel is open during the whole year, from May to November to welcome the fun-seeking tourists and during the winter for all those who come to experience use the utilities of the spa center. You can completely relax in the hands of the professional therapists and try any of the 120 procedures which include modern apparatus and nature products. The place is also a scene for various cultural events, music festivals, and art exhibitions. if you want to stay organized and make an agenda for your visit, you can book some of the guided excursions and trips.  Summer vacation can be exhausting instead of relaxing, but vacationing in Albena is different. You will forget the year-round worries and wish to stay here forever. Choose Albena for your next summer destination and your body and mind will be grateful.