Zanzibar is a country known best for its rich African culture, warm hospitality, its lovely landscape, and its attractions. Zanzibar has served as a major tourist destination in Africa for more than a century. It is otherwise known as the land of coastal fantasy. This is a country that is attracting lots of tourists from all around the world. It is one of the most amazing countries in Africa and offers some of the greatest beaches in this part of the world. 

Zanzibar is an archipelago of islands namely: the Zanzibar Island, Pembe Island, and other minor islands within the reach of the two islands. Zanzibar Island is the most populous island in the nation. It has the main international airport that serves international flights through many corporate airlines that operate between Zanzibar and many African countries.


Tourists can reach the island by Air Excel Airline, Regional Air Airline, ZanAir Airline, Coastal Aviation Airline, Northern Air Airline, Auric Air Airline, Kenya Airways Airline, Zantac Air Airline, Uganda Airways Airline, and Air Tanzania Airline, Flight link Air Charters Airline, Precision Air Airline, Air Excel Airline, Kili Air Airline or Safari Air Link Airline. Zanzibar also has ferry ports that are used as destinations and spots of boarding a ferry. Many ferry transporting companies operate between Zanzibar and Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania’s western coast. Some of the ferry companies at the ports are Azam Marine and Sea Express.
Zanzibar has many sorts of accommodation facilities to book. Zanzibar has many exotic hotels, villas, guest houses and lodges. Tourists visiting Zanzibar are advised to ensure that their valuables are not carried around to avoid being robbed while moving along the streets of major cities.

Zanzibar Island is an important tourist destination in Zanzibar territory. It is a historic site because it also played important roles in the East African International trade that occurred many centuries ago. It is also known as the Spice Island because it is one of the countries that have the highest production of various species like the cardamom, ginger, and nutmeg. There is also an organized tour that takes tourists around the spice –plantations to enable them to learn how the spices are nurtured.


Jozani Forest is a must to visit. It is a place to enjoy the unique nature and wildlife of Zanzibar. There are many wild animals to meet. One of the animals is the rare monkey species called the Red Colobus monkeys that playfully roam around the forest. Hiking and sightseeing is a common activity in this large park.


Stone Town is a historic town. It used to be an Arabic urban center during the intense trading activity in the many centuries ago. Many old buildings still stand in the town. The famous ones are the House of Wonders and The Arab Fort. Stone Town is also a place to go shopping for vegetable produce including the common delicious spices in Zanzibar.
Zanzibar has beautiful tropical white sandy beaches. One of the beaches known as Kendwa Beach is an amazing beach. It has a large collection of shopping items like pizza outlets, fine restaurants, and souvenir shops. Many public holidays including Christmas is celebrated in this beach.
The Full Moon festival is celebrated in this beach to the appearance of the full moon in the night sky, which is quite incredible of respecting the universal nature. In other beaches, tourists swim in the Indian Ocean, scuba dive into the marine sites to see the adorable aquatic system of the ocean, and also interact with dolphins.