Virginia Beach, VA, – USA East Coast Tourist Attraction

Virginia Beach is one of the popular beaches of the United States of America. Many international tourists and celebrities enjoy their holidays in this fabulous beach. Virginia Beach is located in the south-eastern part of Virginia State. Its coastline meets with the blue Atlantic Ocean. Virginia Beach has a good beach scenery, museums, and historic sites.

Tourists can be accessed by train, road, and airplane. The Norfolk International Airport serves international flights between Virginia and major cities in the United States of America and selected parts of the world. There are road-drive routes into Virginia Beach and these are the Delmarva Peninsula’s route number thirteen that pass across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge-Tunnel.

The Newport News trains move from Boston to destinations via Virginia Beach railway connections. Tourists in New York City and Washington D.C ca board the Spinster Buses to access the bus station in Virginia Beach.

Many beach resorts, cottages, hotels, and apartments. Some of the popular hotels are The Sheraton Oceanfront Hotel that is along Atlantic Avenue and the Wingate Hotel along Burton Station Road. The accommodation facilities are modern with high-quality hospitality and room provisions. The rooms and houses are equipped with high-quality items, television, and kitchen facilities in some hotels.

Enjoy various water sports in the water caged park of Ocean Breeze Waterpark. The park is full of pools, water slides and fun equipment to enjoy in the water for as long as you wish. False Cape State Park is a marine and dry land nature park located at the beach. Many wild animals like the untamed horses, bald eagles, and many colorful bird species nurtured in this par. In the marine, site is the loggerhead turtles among other selected aquatic species living in this park.

The Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum specializes in the fowl species of birds popular for their large group migration habitat. This attention was drawn at the end of the nineteenth century A.D when this museum was established in 1895. The museum contains large collections of fowl sculptures, photos, computerized animations of the fowls, and some items that contain some historic facts about Virginia Beach.

Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is a must to be visited if you want to know about the marine habitat the ocean waters of the coast of Virginia. It is a large aquarium collection and houses many aquatic species within its huge aquariums.

The Cape Henry Lighthouse is an important historic feature in Virginia. This building was established in the eighteenth century at a height that gives a clear wide view of the Atlantic Ocean and the nearby Chesapeake Bay. The lighthouse was used by the military to guard the coast against pirate and other foreign attacks.

Virginia Beach is a vibrant place to enjoy the hot summer sun by sunbathing at its white sandy beaches, swimming in the ocean, sailing, surfing over the huge waves of the Atlantic Ocean, kayaking in the ocean, and watching dolphins joyfully diving and swimming in the ocean.