Nice, France

Nice is a large city in the French State. It is located along the French Riviera that gives it a memorable beautiful sight when seen from a helicopter trip in the sky. Nice City has many attractive sites to be shown to its visitors and enjoyed all along. There are natural features, extensive sandy beaches, and historic sites with history-telling strictures of the past centuries of French society. Nice reveals the nature of the majestic French culture brought about by the many French Tribes living within the city.
Tourists in Paris, other European cities, Moscow, Canada, New York, North Africa’s major cities, and Middle East’s major cities can directly access Nice Port by flying to the Nice International Airport that is a few kilometers west from the city center. The Trenitalia trains are also available to transport passengers from Venice, Genoa, Milan, and Rome in Italy, Moscow, Warsaw, and Minsk to Nice’s train station. 
Nice also has an international bus terminal that is connected to other international bus terminals in major cities of the European states. Being a port city also enables tourists to enjoy the ferry ride from Calvi, Ile Rousse, Bastia, and Ajaccio Ports to Nice’s ferry terminal. There are many hotels and apartments in an offer in the city. The hotels are either made with antique traditional French rooms or the modern-day hotel rooms. Many hotels are connected by public bus routes so it would be easy for tourists to arrive at the airport to reach the hotels directly using the buses. 
Nice has many beaches along its coastline. Its beaches’ ground is covered with pebbles and stones hence the beaches are difficult to trek along the beaches barefoot. However some beaches have been remodeled by being added normal sand after the stones are removed to make them comfortable for tourists to enjoy the freedom of walking barefoot along the beach and even warm up their feet with the absorbent summer sun. 
Many fun activities take place at the beach: volleyball, sailing, fishing, and boat-riding. There are many resorts on the beach as well as night clubs to have a vibrant nightlife. Fine restaurants and exotic hotels are plenty at the beach and within the city, which provides rich French delicacies that may have never been tried before. Sightseeing is a major activity at Nice because of its large population of museums within it. The Museum of Asian Art located at Promenade des Anglais showcases numerous art collections from many Asian nations like China, India, and Malaysia
The Matisse Musee located next to Arenes de Cimiez Avenue draws visitors’ attention to the ancient paintings, sculptures, and pictures formulated by legendary artists of the seventeenth century. The Musee et Site Archeologiques de Cimiez houses various artifacts dating back to the Gallo-Roman era in France. Items to see in the museum are the ruins of structures and buildings of the old town of the era and written facts about the history of the society during that ancient Gallo-Roman period. Venture into France’s nature world at Phoenix Park. This is where tourists meet a large botanical garden containing more than two thousand beautiful plant species, as well as some wild animals housed by the park.