Muizenberg, South Africa

South Africa is an important country hosting several worldwide events or events based in Africa. This makes the country a bright light in the tourism sector and among the contributors of this brightness is the enormous, historic and naturally beautiful beach site of Muizenberg at the eastern part of Cape Peninsula, a territory of Cape Town in South Africa.
Muizenberg is a beautiful beach with several splendid sites and activities that visitors enjoy the fun in the beach area. When approaching the Muizenberg beach, visitors are amazed by the stunning mountainous scenery of this place fits in gracefully by the Muizenberg Mountain. The lavish blue Atlantic Ocean outshines the view of the beach land with its uniform blue glittering waters.
Find varieties of species of aquatic life and colorful birds in the Zandlyei Bird Sanctuary. Here there are one hundred and thirty species of bird to meet whilst some of them are rare and waiting to be seen by the entire world.
The Dutch buildings lying in Muizenberg beach area date back to the seventeenth century when the Dutch colonized and took advantage of the rich resources of this area. Some of the old buildings preserved as important heritage sites to South Africa and historic sites are: the Natale Labia, Het Posthuys and South Africa Police Museum.
Masque Theatre showcases ballet performances, music and ridiculous shows, in other words comedy. This is the best place to enjoy the fun with your loved ones.
Visit the nature parks around and find mote species of flora and fauna, great rivers and waterfalls gracing the landscape. Silvermine Nature Reserve is the perfect place to tour the rivers, waterfalls, have a picnic, meet various bird species and swim in the gorgeous pool of the park.
Many activities take place in Muizenberg beach. Numerous tourists can be found around the ocean coastline enjoying water sports like sailing, fishing and canoeing. This is also a place that kites grace the air with their manually installed colorful models dancing in the breeze. There are nature walks around the beach to familiarize with the beach itself. Muizenberg has its own shopping center where tourists can find a wide range of items like the South African majestic souvenirs, clothes and other accessories.
Muizenberg has lots of accommodation facilities for its visitors. There are guest houses, fully-equipped apartments, villas and beach resorts with a beautiful wide view of the Atlantic Ocean. Various types of the South African cuisine are offered in the hotels and fine restaurants in the shopping center within the vicinity of the beach. Try out the large interesting guest house of Bluebottle. Its location on the Muizenberg Mountain slopes enables visitor to have a wide strategic view of the bays and the Atlantic Ocean.
Villa Dalgarve is one of the reliable tourist apartments at Muizenburg beach. Spa facilities are available with royal and professional services that enable visitors have a comfortable tour in the beach. There are many clubs to enjoy partying all night long and enjoy dine the unique South African dishes well served to keep visitors satisfied.
Muizenberg map 

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