Maldive Islands

Maldives is a collection of one thousand, one hundred and ninety islands and twenty-six atolls that scatter over thousands of kilometers in the Indian Ocean. The Maldives can be reached at the equator region of the Indian Ocean and they lie across the earth’s equator. The Maldives islands and atolls make one coastal Maldives nation. The Maldives are famous in the world of tourism with many popular persons including great celebs opting most of their holidays in the islands. 
Maldives have been highly regarded as the perfect location to hold a wedding or honeymoon under the pleasant sunny climate. Maldives have a lot to offer to its visitors such as its impressive natural attractions, historic sites, lively coastal beaches and special hospitality to make its visitors comfortable while staying in the Maldives Islands.
Maldives has many historical sites that mark as important tourist attractions of the islands. The largest mosque of Maldives, Grand Friday Mosque, built in the seventeenth century by one of the Sultans of the Island, Sultan Ibrahim Iskandar. Visit the par of Sultan and explore the National Museum that is an old building of a historic palace. Another palace established at the beginning of the twentieth century is the Mulee Aage Palace. 
Next to Sultan Park is Esjehi Art Gallery that showcases various artistic items by legendary artists. There is a unique man-made at one of the coasts of the islands known as Artificial Beach which is an impressive sight to witness too. The Jumhoorie Maidan in Male is a large attractive stadium used as a venue for national events of the country. The tomb of a freedom fighter of Maldives, Mohammed Thakurufaanu, is a memorial site important to visit at the Bihuroazu Kamanaa Miskiy field. Sultan Mohammad Thakurufaanu is an important historic icon to Maldives because he salvaged the Maldives Islands and atolls from Portuguese colonization. 
Natural amazing features to see in Maldives are the beautiful sandy beaches surrounded by coconut palms and many fruit trees. The lavish blue water of the Indian Ocean manicures the appearance of the coastal beaches into a living coastal paradise. However, the ocean is much clearer as it precedes the coastline so it is fun to swim in the salty water in which you can see every tiny movement underneath the ocean. 
The ocean around the islands is frequented by thousands of fish attracted to the region as a result of abundant production of plant-fish food whose growth is greatly encouraged by the monsoon tides flowing to the coral islands. Other marine species to come across at the coasts of Maldives are sharks and shrimps. 
The Maldives Islands are the best spots to enjoy many fun activities taking place during the summer. Here there are tours around the islands that involve boat cruises along the clear Ocean to the islands. Many water activities take place at the beach like diving and swimming in the Ocean, snorkeling along the safe marine parks at the Indian Ocean coast of the islands to view the beautiful aquatic environment, surfing along the great waves of the Indian Ocean, and motorboat riding along the Ocean. 


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