Krabi, Thailand

Thailand is a country that is internationally popular for its magnificent tourism assets. Being one of Thailand’s tourism destinations makes Krabi Islands an important tourist destination for international tourists. Krabi is made up of one hundred and forty islands in the southern part of the nation of Thailand. Krabi has numerous beaches, day travel tours, diverse natural beauty and life species, and lots of leisure activities that enable you to enjoy your at the Krabi coast. 
Archaeologists claim that the Jrabi Islands were home to the Homo sapiens around twenty-seven thousand years ago after Stone Age tools and rock paintings among other artifacts were found in the islands. In the thirteenth century, Krabi was one of the territories of the Ligor Kingdom. Currently the islands are part of Thailand’s territorial area. Krabi Islands can be accessed by a speed boat ride from Phuket beach of Thailand.
Filled with incredible sites and preserved cultural symbols, Krabi Islands are destinations that are always visited every now and often. If you take part in a guided tour around the tropical forests you will find several unique plant species naturally thriving in the humid climate of the islands. The national parks are the best to visit a collection of wild animal species that commonly in the islands. You will also find many caves some of which are claimed to the dwelling sites for the pre-historic humans. 
The stunning coral reefs and coastal limestone structures are beauties of the island you can always tell a tale about their majestic beauties. The beaches glow with white sands and natural coconut and caesarian plants. The marine environment is worth to be visited within the Andaman Ocean and also at the beautiful Koh Hong Lagoon that houses many fish swimming into and out of the lagoon from the ocean.
Krabi beaches are the liveliest spots for tourists in Thailand. You can find many exotic beach resorts and restaurants that provide a magnificent oceanic view. There are clubs to party and enjoy the fine delicious Krabi cuisine. Be entertained by the cultural dances of the Thai people in many hotels as you enjoy your snacks, Thai cuisine, and beverages. Sunbath, dive, surf, and sail along the beach of the islands. 
Take part in day trips to visit all the islands, view their stunning landscapes, the hidden caves, natural limestone structures, and the general beauty of the turquoise Andaman Ocean. There are snorkeling facilities to tour the underneath ocean’s marine environment and get a clear glimpse of the amazing living species thriving within the ocean. There are also spots to practice rock climbing along the rocky slopes of one of the islands of Krabi.
Krabi tourism sector has a highly regarded hospitality attitude towards its visitors. The accommodation facilities are assured to every visitor who arrives at the islands having booked early on-line or by telephone. The rooming services are of high quality. You can find many exotic beach resorts, fine restaurants, and beautiful villas to enjoy and spend peaceful nights in the serenity of the Krabi Islands.