Koh Chang, Thailand

In summer, many people look for some exotic islands where they can chill in the sun, and do absolutely nothing. Most people fist think about Copacabana in Rio de Janeiro, Paradise Beach in Greece, Bondi Beach in Australia… Nobody seems to have heard about Koh Chang, “the last paradise islands in South-East Asia”. The secrets it holds, all of the wonders wait to be discovered. Indeed, it is heaven, where locals and tourists as well can rest, and escape from the crowded towns, and busy life. Marine National Park has 52 islands, and Koh Chang appears to be one of the largest. All of the islands are untouched by modernization, and everything that’s out there is nature’s work. And that makes these islands unique.
The proximity to Bangkok doesn’t seem to disturb the peaceful life in Koh Chang. They are only 330 km away, but still this island is calm and offers comfort and relaxation. It qualifies as a dream escape, for the ones who have heard of it. Being untouched for decades is not as bad as it seems. The lack of tourists and modernization helped in keeping the island’s original scenery, beauty, and the landscape is magnificent.
Most parts of the Marine Park are law protected, and that’s one of the main reasons why this tourist attraction remained an admirable natural destination, kept away from the devastating developments. It only lacks people and touch of modernization. If you ask the local people, they will tell you that the place is perfect the way it is. And maybe they are right. The place is a perfect paradise for all those tourists that appreciate nature rather than luxury and sophistication.
On the coastlines of Koh Chang lay beautiful beaches, curved coves, and bays. Koh Chang Marine National Park indeed looks like a postcard picture, with rain forests, wild jungles, high peaks, stunning beaches and coastlines, impressive wildlife, and clear blue waters. This idyllic scene captures with its breathtaking marks, all waiting to be discovered by the ones with a more adventurous spirit.
But, very soon, Koh Chang will no longer be a secret to the world. Plans have been made for developing the tourism here, and using this island’s potential, and attracting more tourist who can appreciate this wonderful place. This island will no longer be just an old natural Marine National Park. It’s about to become a new summer travel destination, well known by everyone. And hopefully, it won’t lose its characteristics, and this development won’t destroy this island’s natural beauty.
In Koh Chang, two beaches are well known and famous for their features. One of them is the beach near to the village Klong Son, which is just a few minutes away from the ferry pier. The crossroad in this village’s center leads on one hand to the elephant camp in the valley, and on the other hand to the sea. The beach is very beautiful, and you are surrounded by white sand, and coconut trees. The water is clear and calm, perfect for chilling and relaxing.
The other one, White Sand Beach (Had Sai Khao), is heaven on earth. The powdery sand tickles your feet as you walk, and the beach is surrounded by casuarinas and palm trees. Forested hills in the background complete the scene. On the north side, the beach is tranquil and sandy. Unlike it, the southern is covered in pebbles. There are many accommodations, restaurants, bars, and commercial establishments, which make this the busies area of Koh Chang. On the beach, you can watch the sunset while walking through the white sand, or enjoy some sports activities. But, the costs can be very high from May to October, so you need to be extra careful with spending. Despite that, this is an exotic island, ideal for extra enjoyment and fun in the sun.