Johannesburg, South Africa

As one of the most blossoming and wealthiest cities in Africa, Johannesburg is one place in Africa you should never fail to witness its beauty, stable economy, and varieties of significant tourist attractions of which some are enlisted as important heritage centers in the world. Johannesburg is the capital city of Gauteng Province in the popular Republican State of South Africa. Many centuries ago even before its colonial-era the geographical region of Johannesburg was barely inhabited.
Following the discovery of gold in this area during the late nineteenth century, Europeans, other wealthy persons and workers began to flock in. Settlements were established in the gold mining area in pursuit of the gold. Businesses were created and using the money created by the gold, Johannesburg emerged from a small gold mining center to the largest city in South Africa that we see today.
Johannesburg is an important business center as it generates more than a fifth of South Africa’s national income. It is a highly advanced and populated city with well established and planned infrastructural facilities, tourist attractions and many fun activities to look up to when enjoying the stay in South Africa. Johannesburg has set aside natural, man-made, and historic attractions for its tourists to explore. 
Take a stroll into Water Sisulu National Botanical Garden to view several endangered species of beautiful plants that grow in South Africa. The Lowveld Game Park and Kruger National Park has many types of Africa’s wild animals like the African elephant and the white lions. The history of the struggle of South Africans struggle for independence is housed in the Apartheid Museum and the Nelson Mandela National Museum. View native artworks from many renowned artists from South Africa like Picasso in Johannesburg Art Gallery. See all the pre-colonial history of the cultural diversities of the tribes in South Africa.

Just like any other city in South Africa., Johannesburg is full of fun activities all around and accommodation is widely available for its regular flow of millions of tourists every year. Some of the activities you will find in Johannesburg are: Karting, enjoying a smooth boat cruise along the Vaal Dam, go clubbing in Johannesburg’s finest club spots and get yourself in South Africa’s top rich spas. 
Travel around Johannesburg to be familiar with the city by picking on a scheduled tourism road trip around the city, shop for items in Johannesburg’s trending shopping malls and also visit Johannesburg’s Soccer City Football Stadium that has become an important historic center in the sports world by being the first place to hold Football’s World Cup Competition among highly ranked football teams in Africa during the year 2010.
Enrich yourself with South Africa’s nutritious and savoring food recipes offered by fine top-notch restaurants and resorts in Johannesburg. Nightclubbing is available so you can party all hours till dawn. There are plenty of rooms to enjoy your holidays in Johannesburg so you will never find yourself touring Johannesburg just for one day but for at least a week.