Jerusalem, Israel

A city with thousands of years of history, happenings, and important religious backgrounds of the Christian Community, Jerusalem is a globally noted tourist destination especially for the billions of Christians all over the world. Jerusalem City has two parts: The Old Jerusalem and the New Jerusalem. The New Jerusalem glares with modern culture and advanced infrastructure that makes movement easy in the city. The Old Jerusalem is the opposite because its ancient outlook has been retained such that you can see for yourself that there are two different cities in Jerusalem. 
The tour around the modern and the engulfed old city of Jerusalem gives you the direct touch of Israel and the life of Jesus while on His road to save humankind from sin as well as restoring the connection between God and his people. Jerusalem has fascinating sites of attraction waiting to be discovered and witnessed by its tourists. Many monuments in Jerusalem all relate to the Biblical events of the past millenniums thus Jerusalem is to be considered by any Christian as one of the destinations to enjoy holidays and any other leisure time.
At the center of the whole region of Jerusalem is the Old Biblical city of Jerusalem. Being the most visited tourist attraction site, the Old City of Jerusalem comprises of divisions all protected by a surrounding wall. The Old City consists of four divisions namely the Jewish, Armenian Christian, and Muslim sub-regions. Sites to visit in the old city of Jerusalem are several and would take more than one day to tour around Jerusalem. 
Visit the holy place of the Jews at the Western Wall. The Church of Holy Sepulcher, Dome of the Rock, the Western Wall Tunnels, and David’s Citadel at the Jewish Quarter are some of the historic sites worth visiting. To find the previous city of the King of the Israelites, King David, it is at the southern side of the Old City of Jerusalem but outside the engulfing walls. 
Take pictures of the beautiful endangered animal-wildlife in Tisch Family Zoological Gardens. Find out more about the history of Jerusalem in the Tower of David Museum. Land in the location of the Olives Mountain where Jesus ascended into heaven, the glamorous garden of olive trees-The Garden of Gethsemane where Jesus said his last prayers before being brutally killed by the Roman soldiers for crucifixion in Calvary, and the twelve century Church of Saint Anne that was established in honor o the mother who gave birth to Mary, mother of Jesus Christ. The rest of Jerusalem’s history including the governance history of modern Jerusalem can be found in the archives.
Aside from the numerous historic sites to visit in Jerusalem, there are fun activities to keep you lively during the tour around Jerusalem. Take your kids to the Train Puppet Theatre at the park of Liberty Bell to attend hilarious and lovely puppet shows. Attend guided cycling tours from Tekoa if you are a fan of cycling. Enjoy astronomical learning in Tekoa and various guided tours around Jerusalem. There are many fine restaurants and lodges to dine the special unique Jerusalem dishes and spend your nights