Hua Hin, Thailand

Hua Hin is a famous beach resort in Thailand. It is located south of Thailand’s capital city of Bangkok. This resort is a five-mile beach with many beaches, natural attractions, rich biodiversity and many fun activities to take part in while enjoying holidays in the resort. Hua Hin resort is a product of the pride of Thai royalties who found the coastal area beautiful thus added more charm to it into being the large lively resort we see today. Price Chakrabhongse is the father of this resort by setting up the first beach villa after being amazed by the beauty of the region in the nineteenth century. 
At the beginning of the twentieth century when a railway line was constructed to connect Bangkok to Hua Hin, many royal people and rich families were attracted to the coastal Hua Hin and began to establish hotels, fancy bungalows thereby making Hua Hin a high-class beauty. With more and more additions of attractive tourist spots by the royal family of Thailand, Hua Hin became a massive internal beach resort and a globally significant tourism destination to enjoy long holidays. 
There are many beautiful spots at the extensive Hua Hin Beach Resort. As you spend your night in any of the mini-resorts within the general resort at the Gulf of Thailand, you will be impressed by the sparkling sight of the ocean brought out by the lit boats with fishermen fishing that late because they claim it is the time when a fish population is at the peak in the area and with the assistance of the bright lamps. The fishing villages, caves, and temples of the coast reveal the history of the Hua Hin region. 
Participate in a guided tour around the area to meet everlasting, high waterfalls, mountains at the west of the resort, more caves, and beautiful parks worthy to be seen. The Spanish –architectural Palace of Klai Kangwon also known as the Summer Palace of 1926 for the crowned King Rama VII is a pleasant historic site with an additional shell museum. Check out the beautifully laid hilly landscape of Takiap and Krailat and their naturally thriving vegetation. 
Have a wide view of Hua Hin town and its whole bay at the Khao Hin Lek Fai point of view where you will also find a statue of King Rama VII at the top of the hill. Find the Buddha image in Khao Tao Beach that faces the sea. Travel across the green rich forest vegetation and meet the fifteen-leap Pa La-U Waterfall at the western side of this wonderful Hua Hin Beach Resort. Witness Thai’s cultural richness at the Hua Hin Arts and Crafts Centre where you find hand-woven craftwork, paintings, and sculptures.
Enjoy taking part in fun activities such as fishing at Khao Takiab Bay, surfing, play golf, sailing, boat riding using the powerboats, and horse-riding at Hua Hin Beach. Treat yourself in the world-class spas available at Hua Hin. There are many restaurants, hotels, mini-resort, and lodges to spend a night or more in the large beach resort. Hang around the Hua Hin Night Market and shop for the beautiful souvenirs, clothes, and unique recipes made from seafood resources. The Majestic Beach Resort and Suan Son Pradiphat Beach have exotic accommodation facilities to dine the fresh tasty Thai dishes and spend your nights as you wait for the next days of adventure in Thailand’s Hua Hin Beach Resort.