House of the Virgin Mary – Ephesus

The House of the Virgin Mary is a peaceful place to visit and meet with the symbols of the great icons of the Christian religion believed to be living in the surroundings of this House. This is an important historic site for all Christians all over the world and to add spice to its essentiality is the unique beauty of its natural landscapes and biodiversity. This is the reason for several tourists visiting the House of the Virgin Mary, which is a part of a park that is next to Ephesus within the country of Greece.
   Mary, the mother of Jesus, is believed to dwell in this House after Jesus resurrected from death. John, one of the twelve disciples of Jesus, had been bestowed the responsibility of taking care of Mother Mary by Jesus. John must have been searching for shelter to accommodate Mary, and he found this House to be an excellent shelter for Mother Mary. The archaeological findings on this House show that the building dates back to the first century after the death of Jesus. 
There are many historic places to visit in the neighborhood of the House of the Virgin Mary. There are remains of ancient cities like the former city of Ephesus before the modern Ephesus set foot in these technological times. Great theater of Ephesus built in the first and second centuries and can hold a few thousands of people. Next to it is an ancient market center dating in the third century. Ruins of the library of Celsius built in the second century.
Pigeon Island in Kusadasi where you will find remains of the Byzantine castle built in the eighteenth century. In the neighborhood of Kusadasi harbor is a huge tower built in the early seventeenth century. The old Odeion structure of the second century is another famous ancient theater hall, which still has the original benches that were being used during the ages.
In the neighborhood of Kusadasi next to Ephesus you will find a beautiful national park with wide varieties of plant and animal species. In the Samsun national park south of Kusadasi, you will find hills that are thickly covered with vegetation, an intense Mediterranean forest cover composed of evergreen trees, cypress, and oleander tree species among other rare beautiful species.
If you are planning to stay in the vicinity of the house of the Virgin Mary and its neighborhood, there are lots of hotels, lodges, spas, and nearby resorts that you can check-in. This accommodation is world-class quality, a sign of sincere commitment to the tourist industry. The food dishes are unique, natural and tasty; you might discover some delicious recipes as you dine in the food points of the area.
Cultural dances of the native communities in Greece are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees, and begin to settle safely every time you rest from a long day of adventure in Iceland.