Greece – The Beauty of Southern Europe

Being a popular legendary, historic, peaceful, and naturally attractive nation, Greece is a destination you can never miss in your next holidays. Greece is one of the majestic, stable countries of Europe, bordering Albania, Turkey, Bulgaria, and the Republic of Macedonia. It is a place where many tourists from all around the world are coming to spend a holiday in an exotic place which offers something for everyone. If you are looking for a luxury holiday, you are in the right place. If you are traveling on a budget, Greece is the perfect destination for you too.
Greece’s beautiful landscape comprises the mainland and one thousand and four hundred islands of which less than two hundred islands are populated. Most of these islands are grouped into seven groups namely: the Saronic Islands, Northern Sporades Islands, Ionian Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Aegean Islands, Cyclades Islands, and the Cretan Islands. The inhabited Saronic Islands are Aegina, Hydra, Poros, Spetses, Registry, Salamina, and Dokos.
Greece is the most popular travel destination in the Southern part of Europe. Since the crisis began in the country, travel services become cheaper than before, which brought lots of tourists that were traveling on a budget. There are many nice private apartments for two or more people available for less than 50$ per night, not including breakfast only,  located a few meters from the beach. This is the main reason that there were tons of tourists coming from the neighboring countries and those that are not so far from Greece.
The Saronic Islands are highly populated because they are the closest to the mainland. The other islands are visited as a tourist destination rich in vegetation, amazing landscapes, and varieties of unique plant and animal species waiting to be seen. Greece has several attractions ranging from the great peninsula, a high number of beaches and, rich culture, and significant history. Greece’s stunning landscape scenery consists of several mountain peaks, a huge cliff, and the black sand beaches. Travel around the three-finger islands of the peninsula, a unique feature that can be viewed on land as three straight long beach stretching from the mainland and clearly from space as a small hand with three outstretched fingers from a relatively round mainland showing the appearance of a hand.
Some of the historic points are the Venetian Fortress in Spinalonga Island, Delos- the place where Apollo was born in approximately twenty-six centuries ago, the Seven of formerly enacted twelve Terraces of the Lions standing on top of brick stands made in memory of Apollo around three thousand years ago and museums like Athens’ National Archaeological Museum. The Parthenon buildings are important historic sites that show the essential ancient architecture dated two thousand years ago. 
Greece is also a significant spot in the world of sports because it is the nation that staged the first Olympic Games three thousand years ago, which was a form of celebration to their god Zeus. The first modern Olympic Games were also held in Greece at its capital, Athens, in 1896. Delphi is another important historic site because e it is the location that is claimed to be the meeting point of heaven and earth, hence a memorial establishment of god Apollo was built two thousand and seven hundred years ago in respect of Apollo. Visit the Olympian Zeus Temple established two thousand six hundred years ago by the Athenian leaders. 
Greece has many fine and exotic hotels, restaurants, lodges and beach resorts to spend your nights in this legendary nation of Greece. The beaches are filled limitless fun since there are many activities anyone can take part in diving into the sea, surfing over the sea waves, riding on powerboats, and snorkeling to get a glimpse of the diverse, beautiful marine environment underneath. Go clubbing in Greece’s famous clubs where the jumpy music fills the air, the dance floor is a joyful spot, special drinks are provided, varieties of Greece’s traditional to modern dishes and all-night clubbing at the beach.