When it comes to China, one hardly knows where to begin. Situated in eastern Asia, it is an amazingly rich and continuously developing civilization. As a travel destination it offers an especially gratifying experience. Tourists have a lot to choose from—the natural wealth, the five millennials of history, and the old civilization make China a land of endless possibilities.
The historical monuments, located all over China’s territory, are numerous. There is the all too known Great Wall, X’ian’s Terracotta Army of soldiers, and the Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square in Beijing. Among the vast natural sights not to be missed are the Three Gorges of the Yangtze River, the Silk Road, Tibet, and Hainan Island. As China is spread over a vast region, its topography is varied and complex. The outline descends from west to east and 65 percent of the land is mountainous. There are five mountain ranges and seven peaks are higher than 8,000 meters.
China’s east and the southeast coastline is bounded by the Bohai Sea, East China Sea, Yellow Sea, and the South China Sea. Cities in China have different historical and cultural backgrounds and have distinct characteristics and attractions. The best-known cities in China are its Six Ancient Cities: Beijing, Xian, Luoyang, Kaifeng, Nanjing, and Hangzhou.
Beijing is China’s capital city. It is situated at the northwest edge of the North China Plain. It is the center of China’s political and cultural life. It was the host of the Olympic Games in 2008. The history of this city spans for over 2000 years. Its architecture is spectacular. There are buildings from different periods, especially considering that Beijing was the capital city during the times of different dynasties, like the Ming and Qing dynasties. Recent urban construction and development have brought new changes to the city’s appearance, making it a spectacular combination of the antique with the modern. The temples, palaces, royal gardens, and modern structures all attract many visitors, and with good reason. Some of the most often visited sights are the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, the Temple of Heaven, and the new and ultra-modern Bird Nest Olympic Stadium.
Shanghai is China’s financial and commercial center, sometimes called the capital of southeast China. It lies on the banks of the Yangtze River Delta, and is therefore known around the world as the ‘nodal point of rivers and oceans’. It is a very modern metropolitan city, but it still holds to its traditional cultural characteristics. It still retains some traits of China’s strange colonial past, particularly the Bund area, where visitors feel like they’ve stepped into Shanghai’s 1800’s colonial period—there are a lot of different and foreign architectures. As the government has continuously been trying to put Shanghai on the world’s map of attractive travel destinations, it is now a very popular place among tourists. The improved travel infrastructure and facilities ensure that visitors have comfortable and memorable experiences.
A trip to China is not likely to be a dull or uneventful one, so for those who intend to give China a chance, the most useful advice would be to plan the visit well in advance and spend as much time as possible enjoying everything this country has to offer.
Visitors will find they have gone back to the bygone times of the 1800’s colonial period when they stroll along the Bund area as many old-time foreign architectures are standing along there. Shanghai has developed into a famous tourist destination with its government continuous effort to improve the travel infrastructure and facilities to ensure tourists’ exceptional and memorial travel experiences. With so many attractive places to visit in China, your china trip is promised to be an enjoyable, unforgettable one. It could take you months to visit all the beautiful places in China.
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