Burj Al Arab, Dubai

When we speak of Dubai, we most likely think of an image of the Burj al Arab, or The Tower of the Arabs. This is a genuine masterpiece of architecture and the unique shape gives the hotel resemblance of an enormous sail. Built on an artificial island, it is 280 meters offshore, surrounded by the blueness of the Arabian Gulf. And as if this is not extravagant enough, the interior of the hotel is beyond anyone’s imagination.
As soon as you land at the airport, you have a prearranged welcome by a chauffeur who is ready to give you a ride in a Rolls Royce. And when you arrive at the hotel, you will witness a fabulous reception with champagne and sweet treats. The hotel has 202 suites, the smallest being ‘only’ 170 m2. The most spacious one has 780 m2 of pure luxury. There is a wide range of prices too, starting from $1000 all up to $15000.
The Royal Suite, however, costs an amazing $28000. All the suites have two floors. The higher the suite, the better the room. You have now settled the bills so let us see what awaits for you. After you have accommodated yourselves, you will notice that every suite has a butler. The service here is highly professional, but still with a friend rather than serious behavior. The staff is trained to make you feel as you were close to the gods.
The hotel is lavishly decorated. It will simply leave you breathless. Golden decors on the walls, simulated submarine entrance in one of the restaurants, and panoramic elevators are just part of the hotel’s attractive features. The Aswan Spa and Health Club will keep you animated with their recreational facilities, exclusive treatments, hydrotherapy baths, and spa center. It is also equipped with two infinite pools. When you have your mind and body rejuvenated, you can shop in the prestige boutiques, dine in the world’s finest restaurants, or enjoy the Arabian sun on the private beach.
Burj Al Arab has been referred to as the only seven-star hotel in the world. Even though the management does not promote this title, guests love to describe their stay as a seven-star experience. Before you think that there is nothing more to be seen, Burj Al Arab will have more exceptional offers for you like the Wild Wadi Waterpark or helicopter tours. The chauffeurs are at your service if you wanna shop at the Mall of the Emirates. Nearby you can see the Palm Jumeirah, the magnificent Dubai Marina and Burj Khalifa-the tallest building in the world. And the fun does not stop here. Slope down in the most famous indoor ski resort- Ski Dubai and have the pleasure of doing winter sports in the middle of the desert. 
Burj Al Arab will keep its reputation as the best-recognized hotel in the world for many years. This sail will not be sailing away anywhere near the future. The fact that it emerged from the ocean is a true marvel. It took approximately six years until it was completed in 1999 and it is still the highest hotel in the world. The team of architects and designers made efforts to build, not just a fully functional hotel, but an icon of modern times. Paris has its Tour Eiffel, New York has its Statue of Liberty, and Dubai has Burj Al Arab.
Allow yourselves to stay here at least once in your life and join the thousands of fully satisfied guests. Everyone who visits Burj al Arab is not at ease finding words to describe this world of luxury. The worst you can see is perfection. For all of you visiting Dubai, walk to the causeway, and get a nice view of the hotel. If you want to cross it, you should consider at least a dinner reservation. In here, your social class is not relevant. From the moment you leave the shore and cross the bridge you are part of a royal elite and you will be treated as such.