Bali, Indonesia

Bali – welcome to paradise on Earth. Bali is an Indonesian island, one of the 33 provinces of the country. Its neighboring islands are Java and Lombok, east and west from Bali respectively. Tourism is the main source of financial income, so you can just imagine what this place has to offer. Bali is pointed out as one of the best tourist destinations by multiple travel magazines. It attracts millions of tourists every year.
Indonesia is a nation whose name is commonly mentioned in the global tourism sector. It has many tourist attractions and rich in heritage. In one of the islands of Indonesia is the capital city of Indonesia, Jakarta City. It has a highly modernized culture with five-star hotels, which you can find on travel sites such as Expedia, restaurants, clubs, and efficient shopping centers. Jakarta has its international airport thus is the main door into the Indonesian paradise. The Jakarta Bay has many small islands to separate you from the city and enjoy the freshness, cool breeze, and sunny weather at the beaches in the islands.
Resorts and spas do not come any better wherever you go. Just 8 to 9 degrees south of the equator the climate is perfect making this island open for the tourists throughout the whole year. The beaches are amazing and the water is a real challenge for divers. Bali is surrounded by coral reefs and exotic species. Whale sharks and dolphins are a real attraction too. From volcanoes, mountain tops as high as 3000 meters to rain forests and beaches- the landscape is various and exceptional. The island is relatively small, so tourists can make different tours on daily bases. You can feel safe and completely relieved as criminal acts are unusual and rarely reported on Bali.
The coastline differs on the south and the north of the island. As Bali has active volcanoes, the northern beaches are covered with dark grey sand. This site is still not well adapted for tourists. Bali still does not have a train service, but roads are highly efficient and they will quickly take you to form one place to another. Moving from north to south will lead you to Denpasar, the capital of Bali, and the beautiful sand beaches by the tempting blue waters of the South Pacific. Kuta is the best-known resort on the island. Until recently it was only popular among surfers and backpackers.
Nature simply blooms around here. The island is practically covered with flowers, mostly water lilies, jasmine, hibiscus, and all kinds of orchids. Fragrances combined from different types of flowers and tropical fruits prevail. One breath is not enough to satisfy your sense of smell, You will get so used to the sight of flowers too: flowers in the temples, flowers during rituals, even in the hair of the beautiful Balinese girls. Agriculture is the second larger occupation on the island. There are vast rice fields and coffee plantations.
The acacia trees, palms, bamboos, and mangrove provide homes for about 300 species of birds like sparrows, cuckoos, wood swallows, and the endemic Bali Starling. Bali was once, a natural habitat for many large animals. Today, elephants, leopards, and the endemic Bali Tiger are all extinct. The greater part of the fauna consists of monkeys, deer, squirrels, civets and some dangerous snakes like the King Cobra.
Balinese tradition used to prohibit performing rituals outside of the temples. However, this was recently changed and today tourists can enjoy stunning performances by the dancers and musicians. Each temple and there are a lot on the island, organizes at least two festivals every year, which means that there is at least one you can attend every day.
There are restaurants of all kinds. For those who travel on a budget, try the local restaurants where you will find most traditional dishes. For those who like classy dining, resorts usually have high-standard places with high prices. The cuisine mainly consists of rice dishes and vegetables with small amounts of meat and fish.
It is not easy to describe the ambiance of Bali. People are so amiable that they simply radiate their charm. At the same time you feel serenity and relaxation, mystery, and excitement. Magical forces posses you while you are there, making you good-spirited and vigorous.
From backpackers to high-budget travelers, everyone finds Bali attractive and more or less affordable. The peak of the tourist seasons are the months of July and August as expected, but Christmas and New Year’s Eve bring another big wave of visitors. Bali is mostly visited by Australians, as the not-so-long distance enables visits during all the holidays and other occasions. Except for tourists coming from the ASEAN countries, a visa is usually issued upon arrival and after paying a certain fee.
Millions of tourists have already been convinced that Bali is infinitely exotic. If you decide to forget about the skyscrapers, the asphalt, and your everyday problems, You should visit the amazing Bali! And when you land in paradise, be ready to spoil yourselves to the maximum.