Ammouliani Island

In the 4.5 km2 of Ammouliani island, there is a little hidden paradise. The Island is the only inhabited one of Halkidiki in the southern European country of Greece. It has only 400 locals, mainly fishermen. The island is only accessible by ferryboats. There are regular routes from Thessaloniki which is 120 km away.  Ammouliani is a place for those who appreciate tranquility, for those who like to enjoy privacy, but at the same time for active, adventurous people and sport fanatics. The beaches are white and sandy surrounded by huge rocks, the water is clean and vegetation prevails. 

Your day will be short if you decide to thoroughly investigate the island and visit all the beaches. Alikes, Ag. Georgios, Megali Ammos, Karagatsia are just some of them. They are all easily accessible. Another interesting thing to do is taking a boat trip to the neighboring islands Gaidouronisi, Tigani, and Pontiki where you can continue sunbathing and swimming in the see-through waters. Mount Athos or the Holy Mountain is very close and if you are lucky to get permission you can go and see this holy place and its monasteries. This, however, only refers to male visitors. Women are forbidden on Mount Athos.
Ammouliani Island has everything to meet the needs of tourists. Hotels and apartments are charming and comfortable. Camping is quite an experience in such a magical place too. Restaurants, taverns, and cafes are places for socializing, little shops, and supermarkets-places for getting souvenirs. Anywhere you go you will feel the friendliness of the local people. The island is well-known for its hospitality.
Despite the more usual water sports, the island offers a unique diving experience. The water is perfect and for all those who like to explore, diving can be a pleasant pastime. The waters are rich in marine life and this can be a beautiful underwater sight. Fishing is popular too. The water is very clean which means that there are a lot of fish. Combine fishing with diving and challenge yourself to try underwater diving. While you are on Ammouliani, your eyes will get some rest as green is the color that you will mostly see around. There are olive plantations and vegetation that is flourishing during the long season from May to October.

Ammouliani lies far away from noisy streets, traffic jams, and concrete jungles. If you want to forget about that for a while, this is where you should come. Serenity, calmness, warm sunshine and blue sea- this sounds like the vacation you wanted to have since a long time ago.