Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria, the second-largest city in Egypt directly encounters the Mediterranean coast. It has always been of no little interest among eminent leaders, since it was founded by the very best among them- Alexander the Great. This beautiful destination offers thousands of attractions that make it one of the greatest destinations in the country. So, all of you who are in the constant search of some amazing tourist destinations, do not over-think adding Alexandria to your tourist map!

Today, Alexandria is mostly visited by foreigners, even though local tourists find it hard to resist what it has to offer. The warm climate makes the beaches available almost throughout the whole year. Consequently, hotels are full and restaurants always busy.

These regular tourist points are just an addition to what makes Alexandria a fascinating city. The real reason that turns the attention of the tourists are the remains of Alexandria’s magnificent history. This is a place where famous historical figures like Caesar, Cleopatra, and Napoleon set their foot, a center were religions, cultures, and trading routes used to meet.

The soil of Alexandria sustained two of the world wonders: Pharos (Lighthouse of Alexandria) in Ancient Times and the Catacombs of Kom el Shoqafa in the Middle-Aged. The once famous Library of Alexandria brought literature and science together with the work of some of the best scholars of the time.

Despite its greatness, Alexandria was ruined, burned, conquered. It witnessed wars and earthquakes, but like a phoenix it always emerged from the ashes to be even more beautiful, more attractive, and wealthier. Think of all the generals who guided their soldiers here and all the captains that navigated their ships following Pharos. What is it that makes the Pearl of the Mediterranean so alluring? Do not hesitate to come and find out.

While here, mark a few places that you cannot leave out. Some of these might be the Roman Theatre, the Villa of Birds at Kom el-Dikka , the Catacombs of Kom es-Shoqafa, the new library, and Alexandria National Museum. End you sightseeing with Pompey Pillar, the tallest monument in Alexandria that celebrates Egyptian conquest of Alexandria. After that, feel free to explore and find the most extraordinary things hidden in seemingly ordinary places. And remember, visiting Alexandria is a real privilege.

In the end, I will include a few tips that could make your trip easier. The best way to move around town is public transportation which is at a reasonable price and pretty accessible. Make sure you know where you are going and take a few notes on the Arabian names of your destination.

Alexandria is a city that can be hot and crowded during summer, so the best time for a visit is probably autumn, most precisely September and October when the water is still warm. Egyptian visas can be obtained at the airport so, you do not have to worry about that. Rather than your passport, you do not need anything else.