Monaco is a beautiful country located in Western Europe and borders France and the Mediterranean Sea. It is blessed with various natural features, spectacular lively beaches, and many historic sites that are important heritage sites. Monaco’s capital city is Monaco-Ville where the palace of the Prince of Monaco lies. That has well laid and advanced infrastructural facilities and a thriving tourism sector that the Monaco government has largely supported. French is mostly spoken alongside Italian and English by foreign residents living in the country.
Take a walk through Monaco-Ville: le rocher or simply, the giant rock. Monaco-Ville will feed your eye with the astonishing contrast of prehistoric architecture of buildings and passages in an amazing super modern world. And what’s more, if you feel hungry there souvenir shops, hotels, and restaurants where you can stay eat and shop. Then perhaps visit the city hall, the prince’s place, the Saint Martin gardens or the cathedral.
Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world and to be precise it’s a city-state. At about 1.95km.sq Monaco is six times the size of the Vatican. It lies in between the Alps and the Mediterranean Sea and bounded by the Italian Riviera to the east and the French Riviera to the west tourism is the main source of foreign exchange is the state has no natural resources to exploit other than its location and climate. French is the official language, and the language taught in school, although many street signs, especially in the old Monaco Ville quarter, are in French and Monegasques, the local dialect.
Monaco streets play host to one of Europe’s annual first-class social highlight: the formula 1 Grand Prix, whose main attraction is the proximity to the fans. During the off-season you can walk along the length of the course as the streets in Monaco are usually safe thanks to the intense security installed by the Monaco government.
You can also visit another world-renowned attraction: the oceanographic Museum and Aquarium, which contains models of Prince Albert’s laboratory ships, collections of marine fauna, and numerous specimens of sea animals and plants. The Monte Carlos grand casino is also a famous attraction to Monaco, and it will offer visitors great excitement to have a feel of what happens in the world’s renowned casino.
Monaco is a unique state, with the highest point in the country at only 161 meters above the sea level and the longest flowing water body at just O.19km; it has no equal in the world and the largest lake about 0.5 ha. Due to its small size the most attractive way of getting around is on foot or by water along its coastline.
The beaches of Monaco are filled with varieties of water sport activities like surfing and sailing. Many retail stores line up the coastal centers selling handicrafts. Bars and clubs are available to enjoy partying all night long. There are villas, beach resorts, apartments, and exotic hotels that house visitors and provide dining services with the unique, delicious Monaco cuisine.