Abu Dhabi

With the magnificent Abu Dhabi it seems like the modern era has its focus in Asia. The second-largest city in the Middle East is a real oasis. The place where many oil companies are concentrated emerges as one of the greatest tourist attractions. Sheiks have decided to invest in tourism and they now focus on attracting tourists. Some of the world’s more remarkable skyscrapers and modern buildings have grown in the federal capital of the United Arab Emirates. Opposed to this new age architecture, Abu Dhabi has historical sites that will tell you all about its culture.
  If you are looking for luxury, shopping malls and streets crowded with tourists combined with culture and beautiful beaches, Abu Dhabi is your next destination. This is one of the most expensive cities in the world. Not more expensive than Dubai, however. But it does not mean that it is less of an attraction. There are so many interesting things in Abu Dhabi and a proof of its rising popularity is the growing number of tourists coming here.  Hotels in Abu Dhabi are prestigious and usually offer a lot more than comfort. Prices range, but they are lower compared to Dubai. Most of the hotels have exclusive private beaches.
The water is great for swimming, but the sun can bother you unless you decide to limit your stay at the beach to mornings and afternoon hours. You will have no problems finding all kinds of food. From fancy dining to McDonald’s and delivery food services, everything can be found here. However, tourists prefer nice meals and do not often go to fast-food restaurants. The only problem you may encounter in terms of food is the period of fasting when Muslims observe Ramadan. Be careful, food is not allowed during day time, not even drinking water, so you must either eat in privacy or wait for the night when there is a real feast ready at every table.

Tourism in Abu Dhabi is not based on beaches only. The more you move around the more tourist spots you discover. Abu Dhabi can be a great place for you, no matter who are you travelling with. It provides a lot of fun for you and your friends, relaxation for your romantic getaway or quality time for your family. Prepare to be amazed by the numerous little wonders. Buildings that stretch all up to the sky and stunning statues. Fountains are simply marvelous with light shows and breathtaking synchronization of spouts.

Museums are worth a whole day visit and there you will find a wide range of artifacts and works of art. For the youngest, there are lots of playgrounds which guarantee hours of amusement while parents can relax in some of the green areas and enjoy the fresh air. Another thing that you should not miss is the Lulu Islands, a brilliant creation, made by man not nature. If you are feeling like splurging yourselves, you are at the best place possible. Abu Dhabi is a city of high life standard, so at least for once in your life, afford to be part of ‘the other half’. You will not regret it.

If you are flying to Abu Dhabi, you should know that Etihad Airways is the official UAE airlines. In 2011 they promoted a marketing campaign to attract even more tourists. What they are trying to do is to make Abu Dhabi a top tourist destination, a plan which seems to be working for now. Etihad travelers can use their boarding pass to get various discounts and special offers in the first seven days upon arrival. Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest airport in the region following Dubai.

The beginning of your incredible journey starts as soon as you land. Crossing the customs is not a painful experience at all. The nature of your trip is something that you should be ready to explain at any time. You also need a neatly organized paperwork and you should be all set. You will most likely have to carry your luggage as luggage carts are not as many as you would expect even though the airport is one of the busiest.

Use a taxi service for moving around the cities. Taxi fares are very cheap and the service is relatively accessible. Taxis are found easily, especially if you are staying in a hotel. There are plenty of cars in the parking lots in front of hotels. You can also rent a car, but do not mix to much fun with driving. Stay sober if you decide to conduct a vehicle because you will face serious consequences. The fact that you are just a tourist will not help you a lot if you avoid traffic regulations or any other segments of law and order. You will be sent straight to jail with no chance for an excuse.
Tipping is not usual here, it can even be considered rude, so if you want to act friendly just remember to show how grateful you are and you might make a few new acquaintances. You should also avoid walking on foot. The temperatures can be extremely high in summer and even locals who are used to the heat choose to stay away from the scorching sun. Abu Dhabi is a trend among travelers today. If you want to keep up with the modern tourists, book your trip to Abu Dhabi now. See where black gold comes from and walk the streets that sheiks pave with precious gems. Feel the extravagance and magic of the Arabic world.