North America

Outer Banks, USA – Travel Guide


For countless years, the Outer Banks is a destination tourists cannot resist. With attractions ranging from natural to historical, everything about Outer Banks brings satisfaction to the eyes and pleasure to the senses. This string of barrier islands is world-famous due to the magnificent Atlantic beaches, quaint fishing villages, and ...

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Santo Domingo, USA – Travel Guide


The Dominican Republic’s capital, Santo Domingo, is said to be the most ancient European city in the United States. Probably for that same reason why Santo Domingo has a colorful heritage and rich history, that is why this part of the Dominican Republic is worth discovering. This region takes pride ...

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South Padre Island, USA – Travel Guide


South Padre Island is known for its miles and miles of fine sands and majestic waters, making it a sought-after vacation spot most especially if the holiday is meant for unwinding and relaxation. Here is where lively beach happenings take place, and with a backdrop of picturesque scenery, exploring the ...

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Santa Barbara, USA – Travel Guide


Santa Barbara is best known as America’s “Riviera of the West’’ due to its extensive beaches, stunning natural environs, pleasant atmosphere and inviting weather. Its close proximity to big and bustling cities like Los Angeles did not disturb its relaxing vibe and laid-back appeal, the reason why more and more ...

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Hilton Head, South Carolina, USA – Travel Guide


Hilton Head, found in South Carolina, is known for its sparkling waters and miles and miles of white sand, the reason why tourists never get tired of coming back. Publicly accessible, some of the in-demand beaches include South Beach, Coligny Beach and Alder Lane. The beaches are not the only ...

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Fort Lauderdale, USA – Travel Guide

Fort Lauderdale 1

Tagged as “The Venice of America” due to its wide canal system, Fort Lauderdale is one of the stunning coastal cities on the Atlantic Ocean and one of South Florida’s most-visited regions. With a tropical climate to boot, the impeccable weather makes it perfect to enjoy and explore the outdoors. ...

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Charlottesville, USA – Travel Guide


Steeped with culture, tradition and history, Charlottesville has become an interesting tourist destination in the central part of Virginia. The region is well-known, as two of American presidents– Thomas Jefferson and James Monroe—came here, not to mention that Frommers named Charlottesville as the number one place to reside in the ...

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Myrtle beach, USA – Travel Guide


South Carolina’s pride, Myrtle Beach, is world-famous for its miles and miles of sand, dramatic sunshine, and crystal-clear Atlantic Ocean water. Tourists from near and far take time to travel to Myrtle just to see and experience the beaches that are regarded as one of the best in the planet.   ...

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Ocean City – Maryland, USA – Travel Guide


For a dramatic and unforgettable weekend getaway, the Ocean City is the best place to be. This popular oceanfront city found in Maryland attracts visitors from all over the globe year in, year out. Amusement parks, impeccable local cuisine, and miles and miles of majestic beaches—these and more make Ocean ...

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Wyoming, USA – Travel Guide

Wyoming 5

Wyoming’s distinct beauty is characterized by breathtaking mountain ranges, vast lush spaces and stunning high deserts, just the perfect equation for a nature-inspired and relaxing getaway. Wyoming is a state not to miss when traveling in the United States, and its plethora of attractions is more than enough to achieve ...

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