British Camping Holidays Guide


Camping in Britain is one of the most popular ways of spending your holidays. Especially in the summer month which is really a period of few months, given British weather, camping and touring caravans are part of the culture there. The official three months spanning from June to September is ...

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Grand Bazaar, Istanbul – Travel Guide


Istanbul getaway will never be complete without spending a day in the Grand Bazaar. Tagged as the biggest bazaar in the world, this unbeatable oriental bargain is one of Istanbul’s most-priced possessions. As the centerpiece of the Old City, this colorful marketplace is impossible to miss when sight-seeing the historic ...

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Champs – Elysees ~ Beautiful place to visit in Paris


The 8th Arrondissement of Paris must be the most-famous among all the administrative districts of the capital city. Not only it is Paris’ main business district, it is also the home of the world-renowned Champs Elysées. The avenue is 700 meters exposing an assemblage of admirable structures composed of Arc ...

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Wieliczka Salt Mine, Krakow, Poland – Travel Guide


It is said that Krakow’s salt mine is no less splendid than the pyramids of Egypt and any other spectacular wonders of the world. Started its operation in 13th century and consistently produced table salt until 2007, Wieliczka Salt Mine was then named as the world’s oldest operating salt mine. ...

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Mary King’s Close, Edinburgh, Scotland – Travel Guide


During the modernization of the Edinburgh’s Old Town, an old close under its city was built. The underground city acted as The Royal Exchange’s foundation when it was constructed in 1753. Some hundred years later, the underground street remains unscathed and now serves as one of Edinburgh’s most-famous attractions. Seemingly, ...

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The Paris Catacombs, France – Travel Info


Paris is known to be one of the most beautiful and alluring cities in the world. Many tourists head to this romantic city for a number of valid reasons: natural scenery, friendly and warm people, well-preserved historical structures, ancient architecture, culture and tradition, fashion, entertainment, shops, culinary, so on and ...

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