About Us

Tourist Destinations is a travel blog describing the best tourist spots in the world, and giving you a great vacation ideas for your perfect holiday.

Our mission is to give you the right information and photos that will make you fall in love with traveling. On this blog you can find info about all of the countries in the world, their capitals and many other tourist destinations and attractions from all over the world. You  can also have a look at our “Tips and Articles” section for some cool advises of what to do, where to go and things you should see while you travel.  View a complete list of posts, places and publications. We have written an eBook called “Travel on a budget” which you can read for free.

We believe at this saying “Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” – Anonymous.

About Us

A couple that loves to travel and share.

It’s who we are. As a husband and wife team working side by side, we love what we do. We have started our blog in 2008 with no ambitions of making profit, but simply with a pure love for traveling.

Our story began with only one article about the greatest destination in the world – Hawaii. The article was on the site for couple of months when we realized that the article is visited by couple of hundred readers per week. That was the point when we decided to expand the site. At this point there are over 1000 destinations. We tried to write about what is the most interesting for the readers, so you can find info about a continent, but also about a small and beautiful place that almost no one knows about. It is what makes this site interesting to browse.

Feel free to contact us for any suggestion about the site.