Walking Tours Around the World

Walking tours, as the name suggests, is a kind of tour where the participants explore the sights by foot. Walking tours are usually facilitated by tour guides, and could be focused on introducing the region’s top tourist attractions or hiking popular open spaces and natural landmarks. Travel companies are usually the ones that organize walking tours and the course could last for either a few days or a few weeks.

Walking Tours Around the World

Most of the walking tours are about exploring the region’s natural beauty such as the virgin forests, wilderness areas, and mountain ranges. Camping is always a big part of the walking tour as there are no hotels and other forms of accommodation in the destinations included in the itinerary. For those who are interested to embark in this kind of adventure, it pays to know some of the world’s best destinations for walking tours.

Walking Tours Around the World

  • Petra and Wadi Rum, Jordan: When it comes to the world’s majestic desert scenery, Jordan’s Petra and Wadi Rum has them. Also known as the Valley of the Moon, this place is one of the best due to its enchanting desert canyon and captivating rock walls. Participants love exploring its Burdah and Um Fruth, making their way to the impressive archeological site of Petra.
  • Inca Trail, Peru: The famous hilltop Inca in Peru is probably the world’s most famous short hiking trail , this walking tour destination surprises participants with the panoramic views of the Andreans mountain ranges and of course, Macchu Picchu which is named as Inca’s most famous spot which is named as one of the Seven Wonders in the World.
  • Kilimanjaro, Tanzania: The Rongai Route is the best route if the participants of the walking tour want a serene, quiet climb. The Kili Trail permits travelers to witness the region’s wilderness, virgin forests, and rare animals. This route, according to many,is the easiest way to reach the summit where the breath-taking 360-degree sight of natural wonders await.
  • Quebec, Canada: This special environment composed of both the natural and cultural treasures, where fresh water becomes one with the tides of the sea, make Quebec one of the interesting walking tour destinations in the world. Here is a trail that heads to the Saguenay National Park which is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Adding to the beauty of Quebec are its sparkling waterfalls, granite ranges, inviting lakes, and rare animals.
  • Great Smoky Mountain, US: This region has been named as the ancestral home of the Cherokee Indians, where rich natural wonders combined with interesting history are the major happenings. The mountain ranges here best define the Appalachian chain and the rich natural reserve is evident and enjoyed by walking tour participants. What also makes this destination a popular choice is its reputation as the biggest wilderness on the eastern part of the United States.

Walking Tours Around the World 2

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