Ocean City – Maryland, USA

For a dramatic and unforgettable weekend getaway, the Ocean City is the best place to be. This popular oceanfront city found in Maryland attracts visitors from all over the globe year in, year out. Amusement parks, impeccable local cuisine, and miles and miles of majestic beaches—these and more make Ocean City in-demand to lovers having a honeymoon, students taking a break from school, and families having a short vacation.



The front-liner in the list of attractions in Ocean City is no doubt its miles and miles of ocean beach. Water-lovers can do all sorts of water-related activities in the beaches of Ocean City, and apart from it, they also enjoy kite-flying, surfing, sun-bathing and beach-lounging. Upon the entry point to the city, tourists are welcomed by vibrancy of the boardwalk comprised of various beachfront attractions like shops, restaurants, entertainment centers and amusement parks.


The natural attraction in Ocean City is not exclusive on the beaches alone, for here, the vast lands are sources of fun and excitement as well. In fact, golf enthusiasts found their piece on heaven in Ocean City, as the region has an abundance of world-class golf courses like the Glenn Riddle Golf Club and Eagle’s Landing Golf Course. Meanwhile, Northside Park, the city’s grandest park, is a 58-acre property that offers extensive park facilities to grant satisfaction to all park goers. This stunning park has a gazebo, picnic grounds, kiddie playground, walking paths, sports fields, and other features that never fail to grant happiness to visitors of all ages.

Ocean City beach Ocean-City-Beach-Populated

The kids do not just enjoy the city’s beaches and parks, they get to unleash their playful and active side in Ocean City’s amusement park as well. Jolly Roger Amusement Park and Trimper’s Rides are two of the in-demand theme parks for kids, and they can spend the entire day running, riding, and simply enjoying the colorful and lively grounds of these amusement hubs. Additionally, kids can have an awesome experience inside the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. This imposing building is hard to miss, as it has a gigantic moving shark embedded in the exterior walls. Both adults and children leave the museum with a different kind of fun, thanks to the museum’s interactive displays that permit them to learn in an exciting and fun way. Meanwhile, there is also a tourist spot for cars enthusiasts, especially those who are into vintage cars. Called Wheels of Yesterday, this museum has a comprehensive display of classic cars, and car engine’s history and development are featured as well.

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The many remarkable assets of Ocean City surely deliver a getaway that is truly memorable and fulfilling. There is no other place in Maryland exuding such charm and appeal, which makes this region the best place for a relaxing and slow-paced weekend escapade. What’s great about visiting Ocean City is that it can serve as a gateway to the touristic destinations nearby, such as the Assateague Island, Delaware beach resorts, and Salisbury’s Historic District.

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