Missouri, USA

Missouri, a state that is sitting in the American Midwest, is one of the best places to visit in the USA. It is an attraction in the USA that offers a huge variety of things to do in Missouri. Almost all the cities found in Missouri have something to offer and you will never run out of activities to enjoy and attractions to see.
The city of Columbia is known for being the state’s Collegetown as it is home to the highly-acclaimed Missouri University and other prestigious learning institutions. Jefferson City, the capital of the state, has a prominent cosmopolitan feel and Kansas City, the biggest city of Missouri, is where tasteful barbecues and rhythm and blues perfectly blend.
St. Joseph is believed to be the hometown of the Wild West, while St. Louis is popular for being the “Gateway to the West” courtesy of the imposing presence of St Louis Gateway Arch, the iconic landmark of Missouri. The arc reaches up to 625 feet, allowing you to witness the grand beauty of the entire city. Branson, popular for live concerts and upbeat streets, is easy to navigate, thanks the many bus tours that roam here. Because the city is the “live country music capital of the world,” no tourist leaves Missouri without experiencing what Branson is known for.
Enjoying a relaxing stroll in its historic districts and visiting its line-up of museums definitely give out a nostalgic feel. In The Harry S Truman National Historic Site, the stunning Victorian home of the Truman family showcases the finest collection of the renowned family. Conversely, the Vaile Mansion, another gorgeous Victorian architecture, lets you witness how the families in the higher-end of the society lived during the 1800s. The Ruins of Ha Ha Tonka is worth seeing as well. If you are a fan of literary arts, the home of the famous author Mike Twain will bring delight as you will see here The Adventures of Tom Sawyer’s original manuscripts and first book edition. Your little one will definitely enjoy Silver Dollar City, a theme park and historic village rolled into one.
Meanwhile, Missouri is also where the great outdoors happens. The Ozark region enjoys a pleasant weather that permits kayaking, canoeing, hiking and horseback riding to happen. To complete the Missouri experience, do not pass up on its barbeques. Kansas is popular for being the home of the traditional and homemade barbeques, and you should not dare end your trip without tasting this dish. Being a popular tourist destination, many restaurants and hotels have sprawled in Missouri’s commercial areas and tourist districts, rendering you a hassle-free and pleasant holiday.
Having a nickname “Show Me State” is very fitting for Missouri as this region is where offbeat attractions, interesting road trips, fascinating culture and relevant history happen. If you are contemplating on spending a holiday in this state, hesitate not, for here, your day will be filled by various activities, from sight-seeing to shopping.

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