Illinois, USA

Because United States is teeming with attractions and tourist spots, you cannot help but wonder where to start. If you are clueless on where to go, heading to Illinois is such a wonderful idea. The state may be known for Chicago’s urban life defined by city buildings and state-of-the-art amenities, but fact is, Illinois is that, and more. You will learn that in the sides and in-between are quaint villages exuding small-town atmosphere and lush farmlands showcasing picturesque scenery. In Illinois, every turn results to an unexpected yet momentous adventure.
If you are coming from a far destination, you will be entering Illinois by plane, landing in one of the busy airports of Chicago. This bustling city is a destination in itself, and in fact, no tourist leaves the state without experiencing the adventure it solicits. Start the itinerary by either heeding the call of the Magnificent Mile and be captivated by its world-class shopping centers, or by taking-in the nostalgic air breathed by the city’s famous historic museums and galleries. The Mag Mile is also home to excellent dining choices, high-end hotels and entertainment hubs. It is in the Mag Mile where the intimidating buildings of John Hancock, Wrigley, Trump Tower and Tribune Tower are sighted. If you are not yet filled-up with such attractions, continue the fun in Navy Pier nestled in the waterfront of Chicago. Apart from the urban attractions, this spot features a gigantic Ferris Wheel, the Chicago Shakespeare Theater, the Children’s Museum and the world-renowned Crystal Gardens.
After the great satisfaction derived from the busy commercial centers, prepare to nourish your soul from the great outdoors and natural wonders of Illinois. Tagged as an outdoor paradise, the state is abundant of lakes, falls, canyons and hiking trails all waiting for you to unleash. There is no perfect way to describe all of nature’s blessings than the Starved Rock State Park, nicely sitting southwest of Chicago, where the most scenic areas are free to savor. For slowing things down, have that much coveted enchanting retreat in Anderson Japanese Gardens, found in Rockford, where the rock formations, ponds and waterfalls serve as an ideal backdrop for a relaxing afternoon.
If you got your little ones in tow, they deserve to have their own day out, too! Allow them to be up-close to the animals of the Lincoln Park Zoo, which include penguins, polar bears, giraffes, rhinoceros, big cats, and other species belonging to its 1,250 collections. Expose them on an all-day fun in Six Flags Great America, where more than a hundred of rides, attractions and entertainment await. Shedd Aquarium, the grandest indoor marine mammal facility in the planet, is where they’ll encounter more than 1,500 aquatic species housed in its Caribbean Reef, Wild Reef and Oceanarium.
From towering skyscrapers to relaxing natural scenery, from the bustling shopping centers to the great adventures of the wilderness, Illinois is definitely the destination for visitors of all ages. Have no second thoughts of visiting this part of the US, as here is where your most fulfilling and memorable adventure comes to life.

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