Top 5 Most Romantic Cities in the World

Paris (France): Paris is hailed “The City of Love” for nothing–the city exudes a romantic air in every turn! Because of the romance that lingers in the air, the attractions that envelope this city is best-explored with someone special. Every activity here becomes special and intimate, like the leisure walk along the Seine, chilling in pastry shops, visiting the museums, and kissing under the world-famous Eiffel Tower. Also, crossing the ancient Pont Neuf during sunset and river cruise on the Seine River are the activities couples should not dare miss.
Venice (Italy): Italy boasts of numerous tourist destinations, but when it comes to romance and love, Venice has got to be it. It is a famous city for breath-taking sights and romantic activities such as the famous Gondola ride. Couples touring in Venice never leave the city without having a canal cruise, where sight-seeing the entirety of Venice and its ancient architecture leads to the most affectionate moment. Holding hands while having a stroll in its cobblestoned tiny streets, palaces and piazzas are the perfect way to end the day.
Marrakech (Morocco): Marrakech is where a lot of first-time experiences can happen, and what better way to spend it but with a loved one. There are boundless opportunities waiting for couples touring in Marrakech, including the most famous ones such as riding a camel, shopping in the street markets, smoking and puffing through a seesha, dancing the traditional belly dance, and sampling its colorful cuisine. To stay in the Riads, or romantic boutique hotels, add to the reason why this city is perfect for lovers’ escapade. Embraced by the Atlas Mountains and surrounded by the Sahara Desert, there can be no other place for romance but in Marrakech.
Kyoto (Japan): Kyoto may have a compact size, but it is never small when it comes to attractions and cultural heritage, as well as romantic spots for couples travelling together. For one, staying in ryokan, or traditional Japanese inns or houses, let out a different kind of intimacy. Having a bath in an authentic and old-fashioned bathhouse is also another interesting couple-time activity. Visiting the nearby Nara, a scenic, historical site and famous for mercenary deer, will certainly be enjoyed by lovers. To top it all, the Kyoto Botanical Garden, where miles of flowers and perfectly-landscaped lawns are highlighted, is the best place to take a soothing moment with a loved one.
Monte Carlo (Monaco): Monte Carlo may be popular for its bustling and upbeat activities such as car racing and sports tournaments, but there is more to Monte Carlo than its wild reputation. The laid-back living is prominent in this Monaco city, and what better way to have a calming and soothing moment but with a special someone. The harbor has yachts that can be rented for a romantic dinner. Better yet, head to Sea Lounge for an intimate dining experience and allow the nightlife to surface as the wee hours of the evening get near. The Princess Grace Rose Garden is an attraction that should not be missed by lovers. The garden, dedicated to Grace Kelly, sits along the charming Fontieveille and is listed among the world’s most romantic gardens.

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