Accra, Ghana

With a population of 2 million, Accra is the administrative capital of Ghana. It is the most developed and populous city in the country and has enjoyed its capital status since 1877 during the colonial time. Prior to this, the city was just a collection of small Ga villages dating back in 17th century. The city features a combination of shanty towns, modern buildings, lively markets and occasional castle. It is also home to Kokota International Airport, embassies and some classic hotels and restaurants. 
The increasing growth rate of Accra as a major tourism destination is based on the fact that it is one of the safest cities in Africa. Getting around the city is easy thanks to its well developed transportation system and presence of private taxis to ferry people in, around and out of town. However, with the city experiencing a hot and humid climate during most times of the year, it is essential that you remain hydrated especially when taking a city tour.
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Nevertheless, water baggies and coconut stands are readily available. However, even though the city is largely secure, it is important that you are careful at night especially when walking along the beach in which case you shouldn’t be alone. Considering the rather hot climatic conditions here, it is advisable that you travel between the months of November and April as you will enjoy your holiday due to the average climatic conditions. When it comes to festivals and events in Accra, every weekend feels like a festive time with streets full of people in partying mood. 
The Makola Market is a must visit place but considering its rather hectic nature, it is advisable that you leave your valuables behind. However, it is the biggest shopping market in the country with so many things to buy. The Labachi Beach is the most popular and the best place to have some delicious fish during your vacation. The Oxford Street is lined up with some of the best shops, bars and restaurants in the country.
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However, you need to be very careful when shopping here as the stalls usually sell pirated CDs and Rolex watches that are fake. The National Museum in the country is in Accra where Ghana’s culture is displayed as well as historical art facts of the Ashanti kingdom and slave trade. The Artists Alliance Gallery is the best place to get contemporary art and fine crafts. The 3 storey treasure building has big metal sculptures, furniture, Asafo flags and beautiful marks that you can home. 
The La Raceway is one of the best places where you can go for refreshments and has a Sport bar with the best entertainment facilities. Swimming pools in Accra are also available in some of the big hotels just incase you prefer to spend your afternoon in water. Hotels in Accra are many and offer standardized accommodation facilities catering for all travel budgets. Restaurants serve some of the best local, Indian and international foods including seafood. Live music is also available in the bars where you can spend a great evening.

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