Bogota, Colombia

The population of Bogota, Colombia currently stands at 8.8 million and the city approximately sits at 8, 669 feet above sea level in Colombian Andes area. The city has a relatively easy orientation and one can visibly see the eastern mountains while at the city. For you to get a rough idea of how big Bogota is, understand that the only cities in North American that beat Bogota as far as size is concerned are only New York City and Mexico City. In terms of cultural, political and economicsal developments, Bogota ranks alongside Berlin Buenos Aires, Dubai, Washington D.C. or San Francisco. As such, travelers should know that this urban destination is world class rated. 
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Travelers are assured of a unique, memorable experience during their visit to Bogota. As you plan a trip to this city, be mentally prepared to encounter a contrasting balance between frantic and the peaceful; old and the new. So, what can you expect to see in Bogota? La Candelabra is a landmark area where historical events of South American and Colombia took place and this district has quite a wide range of attractions. Entrance to Casa de Moneda is free and here you will learn about history of money making in Colombia and find a large collection of historical Colombian coins. 
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The cultural heritage museum is also situated here and Donacion Botero houses painting collections as you continue down to gold museum where you will find a collection of historical artifacts and gold artwork. The Colonial Art Museum was build during the administration of Eduardo Santos and the museum contains Viceroy-ship artifact, cultural treasures and silver plates. 
San Diego is a famous tourism district of Bogota where you can enjoy a panoramic, beautiful view of Bogota city. The tallest building in Bogota, Torre Colpata, is found in this district. The Colombia National museum or Museo Nacional was started in 1823 and the fortress structure has been built with brick and stone. During your visit, you can have a downtown tour of Bogota city during the day and to be honest, no visitor skips Downtown where there are affordable dining and lodging options. As such backpackers and budget tourists can have a great time in Downtown which is also closely located to famous attractions in the city. 


Festivals and performances in Bogota are very common and visitors can enjoy different types of performers, magic shows, live music etc. you can buy crafts as you socialize with the large crowds. Iberoamerican Theater Festival is ideally the biggest world theater festival which you must check out. Soccer game is a vital aspect of Bogota’s life especially at the El Campin Stadium. Hiking is an enjoyable activity also. You can buy a wide range of local products like the inexpensive handicrafts as well as jewelry, coffee based items, leather wallets, shoes and handbags and dresses as well. Major shopping malls are such as the Santa Fe, Unicentro, Gran Estacion, La Zona T and other highly affordable and beautiful looking shopping malls stocked with all sorts of goods.

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