Kauai, Hawaii

Kauai is an island in the northwestern area of Hawaii. It is also known as Garden Island as it is bestowed with paradise environment of virgin forests, spectacular sandy beaches, unique huge landmarks like the Waimea Canyon, and a gorgeous waterfall. Kauai Island is more laid back with less human settlement than the other Hawaiian Islands, hence it the most liked island of tourist destination by tourists due to peaceful and calm environment that imitates the rural, fresh-air arena. The tourism industry in Kauai Island provides good hospitality and catering services to its tourists. 
Lihue Airport is the main airport in Kauai Island. It operates inter-island flights by the Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska, United Airlines, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, and the United States Airways. You can also travel to Kauai Island by cruise ship from other Hawaiian Islands to the port of Nawiliwili in the island.
When planning to spend many days in Kauai Island, it is wise to plan before settling in the island. Consider the proximity of the attractions sites to the place you will be spending your nights. Choose a lodging that is closest to the places you will spend most of your time while in the island. However, not that the lodging prices defer with respect to the location of the lodging itself.
The northern coastal side of the island experiences heavy rainfall and there is a rare chance for sunny day in the area. The southern region of the island is bets frequented by tourists because there is less rainfall and there are more sunny days to spend at the region. The types of accommodation facilities available in Kauai Island are condominiums, beach resorts, hostels, and the Kokeé State Park camping site.
Like the rest of Hawaii, the plate lunch is ubiquitous in Kauai Island. Restaurants and hotels can be found in the towns away from the tourist sites. Thus, if you are planning to visit the tourist sites always ensure you have packed food and bottled water because most of the attractions lack eateries. However, Kokeé State Park is one of the few parks that have their own restaurants where you can order for breakfast and lunch. Fast food joints in the towns provide hamburgers, pizzas, sandwiches, and many kinds of sweet bread that you carry to cater yourself during the island tours.
Attraction sites to visit in Kauai Island include Hanalei region that houses a beautiful beach town, several white sandy beaches, surfing competitions, and the huge Hanalei Bay. Find and explore varieties of unique and lovely flora species at the National Tropical Botanical Garden in Haena. Hanapepe is home to the art talent of the locals of the island, where you get to see artistic collections in art galleries and craft shops.
If you like enjoying the daytime in a beach with fewer people or have the beach to yourself and your loved ones, then go to the Lumahai Beach that is next to Haena Beach. Lumahai Beach is also near a village of the locals. Dome of the locals come to the beach so it is the best place to understand the local community of the island.
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