Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Blue Lagoon is a naturally formed spa at the southwestern part of Iceland. The formation of this huge spa is by the facilitation of the nearby Svartsengi Geothermal Station that assist in constant warming of the waters of the spa, however, the jetting of hot steam water from underground plays a major role in warming up the whole spa. The location where steam underground water jets out is near the centre of the lagoon.
Blue-Lagoon Blue Lagoon
The spa is has been a tourist attraction in Iceland for many decades, and it liked for being a reliable source of warmth for holidaymakers during the winter. The Blue Lagoon Spa is also known for being a possible cure for several skin diseases due to its content of useful minerals like silica. When arriving at the spa facilities, tourists are advised you enter the spa area without shoes and make sure they shower before entering the spa’s water. 
International travelers can access the Blue Kagoon Spa through the Keflavik International Airport. From the airport, board a taxi or public transport to the stage closest to the spa, and the ride takes not more than 20 minutes to access the spa immediately. Another option is to reach Reykjavik Town then drive for nearly an hour to the Blue Lagoon Spa using major road connections between the two places. The Blue Lagoon Spa has many car parking areas so you can come over with your private car and park at no charge. 
In case you do not have a place to spend your night, you can drop into the Blue Lagoon Clinic and seek for accommodation as a tourist. You can also check from the hotels near the spa, such as the Northern Lights Inn that can provide transport from the spa to its premises. The inn also has a nice restaurant that ensures that meals are available.
Blue Lagoon 3 Blue Lagoon 2
Grindavik is the nearest town to the Blue Lagoon Spa, and it has many accommodation facilities that you can choose from to spend your nights. As you are celebrating your stay in the Blue Lagoon Spa, you will need not to worry about refreshments and meals because there is a cafeteria and restaurant in the premises. The eateries have a good selection of dietary dishes, drinks, and snacks at averagely affordable prices, however, meals at the restaurant are expensive, can be best if you plan to take lunch with your friends in the restaurant. 
The Blue Lagoon Spa exhibits many attractions within its territory. The natural underground formation of steam water is one of the rare earthly processes to be seen in the world. It is even good to know and see with your own eyes how useful underground steam water can be useful to our skin and for relaxation, no wonder it is called a spa. The lagoon itself has an attractive color, which makes it look like the coastal setup though it is an inland feature. The area around the lagoon is pampered with a nice restaurant and cafeterias for drinks and meals to keep you satisfied throughout the day in the lagoon area. 
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