Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands is a group of archipelago located in the South Atlantic Ocean and east of the South American mainland. The main islands are the West Falkland, East Falkland, and around seven hundred seventy-six smaller islands. Its capital city is called Stanley and is actually the only city located in East Falkland. The group of islands are being governed by the United Kingdom but neighboring country Argentina has also been claiming jurisdiction and has called the islands Islas Malvinas. 
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How To Get To Falkland Islands

You can get to Falkland Islands by plane and by boat. You can look online to find the cheapest flights and offers while planning your trip tp Falkland Islands.

By Plane:

There are two airports operating at Falkland Islands. Mount Pleasant Airport caters to international flights and also functions as a military base. Among the international airlines that fly here are Lan Chile which has weekly flights from Santiago de Chile via Punta Arenas, Rio Gallegos, and the UK Royal Air Force that has flights carrying commercial passengers from Oxford shire. This eighteen-hour flight from the UK stops briefly at the Ascension Island.
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The smaller airport 56 kilometres from Mount Pleasant is located at the capital city in Stanley. Falkland Island Tours and Travel has a shuttle bus from this airport that can take tourists to the main capital for £15.00 per person. Taxis are also available to take tourists around the capital.

By Boat:

Cruise ships usually make a stop at the Falkland Islands’ capital in Stanley throughout the summer. These boats can also make a stop at the other smaller islands but of course, be prepared to ride an inflatable boat as the cruise ship itself cannot land on the shores. There are also expedition ships on the way to Antarctica that has a stopover at the island.
In Stanley, while hotels are also available, most of the accommodations are of the bed and breakfast type. These pension houses normally offer homely accommodation with very hospitable innkeepers. You can also go camping but of course, permission from the landowners must be obtained first. In addition, if you’re planning to go camping, make sure you’ve bought essential things such as food and water from the local market as most of the places are self-catering. Generally, it’s easy to find a place to stay in the capital city but it is still recommended to book in advance.
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Aside from the wonderful scenery and gorgeous beaches, Falkland Islands is a favourite destination for tourists wanting to see various animal species. Fauna conservation is a priority in the Falkland Islands; therefore expect to be awed by the diverse species that can be found here. Among the notable ones are the Falkland flightless steamer duck also called “logger duck” and the Striated Caracara also called “Johnny Rook”.
Other animal life that you can explore here are four species of seal, five species of penguin, petrels, albatross, geese, falcons, and hawks. Dolphins and porpoises can also be seen here along with occasional sighting of whales. The terrain in Falkland Islands is hilly and rocky while its coasts serve as good natural harbours. So if you’re headed to South America, remember to drop by this hidden paradise.
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