Top 5 Places to Visit in Italy

Top 5 Places to Visit in Italy


We all know that Italy has the reputation of being one of the romantic places in the world! So why don’t you find out yourself by actually taking a trip to the capital city Rome. As well as having this romantic ambiance, it is also swimming with history and culture, suitable for any history enthusiast. If you are interested in Religion, then it also home to the “Vatican” and “St. Peters Cathedral”.


Being one of the most important Renaissance art centres, Florence has many spectacular architectural pieces in all of Europe. The “Duomo” and “Baptistery are definitely worth visiting; however both attractions are constantly crowded with tourists. There are also palaces and gardens to visit in Florence, so there is always something interesting to do while staying here.
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Everyone has heard of this romantic city! Go on a Gondola with that special someone and cruise through the beautiful canals of Venice. The city centre and the canals are listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. So whether you want to find vacation accommodation near the harbour, or nearer the city centre, you will be at a fantastic location wherever you choose in Venice. 


This city is famous for its stylish shops and restaurants. Milan’s “Duomo”, with its stunning marble façade, is absolutely jaw dropping. Once again this city is filled with history and culture and the food is to die for! Buy a gorgeous gelato from one of the many ice cream parlours dotted around the city of Milan.


Being the third most populated city in Italy, makes this a brilliant place to go on holiday. It is about 2 hours south of Rome, so it is doable if you rent a car for your stay. The Pizza originated in Naples, so be sure to try out some of the local delicacies. There are many shopping opportunities, castles and museums to visit here.

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