Madrid, Spain

Madrid is one of the best travel destinations in the world. The capital of Spain is located in the center of the peninsula, with a population of more than three millions of citizens. Madrid is a cosmopolitan city, which is among the most visited tourist places in Europe. It is among the biggest tourist attractions in the oldest continent right next to Paris, London, Berlin, Barcelona etc. Most of the Public Administration buildings are located there, the city is a giant business center which attracts a massive quantity of business tourists coming and going every day. 
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Madrid is a city that offers various tourist attractions. The most important buildings and central offices of the country administration are located there. The home of the Royal Family of Spain is located in Madrid and it is the building that attracts the attention of any tourist that goes next to it. Other important headquarters are also settled there. The Spanish Government and Parliament buildings are there, as well as many working factories in the gigantic industrial zone this city owns. 
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Madrid is a destination well known by the intense cultural and artistic activity and a very bouncing night-life. There are fascinating night clubs working all night, that will make you spend a fantastic time until the morning hours. Because the large competition here, the clubs are ultra modern, some of them only for exclusive guests and of course very expensive, while others are quite affordable with a great interior and offering any type of music you can ask for. 
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The city of Madrid is very popular by the cultural attractions. It is a city that it is built by people from all parts from Spain, now there are people living here from all parts of the world. And there is a reason for that. Madrid is a city that offers place for everybody. The best of all is that people here are warm and friendly and no one will ask you where are you coming from. Having people from all around the world is a reason why you will find a big mixture of different cultures and traditions which makes the city extremely interesting. 
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One of the most inspiring things about Madrid is how this city managed to keep the mass of vegetation which is quite amazing. When you first come to the city, there are places that will make you feel like you are in a forest. There are trees everywhere, which is very unique since we all know how much the rapid development of the large cities destroys the nature. Madrid is one of the rear cities that could keep rising without making a huge damage to the environment. After Tokyo, the capital of Japan, Madrid has the highest number of aligned trees per head in the world. 
Whether you like to watch any kind of movie in the cinema, go to opera, listen to any kind of music, dance flamingo or do almost anything you can imagine in a modern city, Madrid has it all, every night. This is one of the rear places in the world where you can enjoy any type of activities whenever you wish. Night-life is something you could only wish to have in your place. There are all kind of night clubs, chill out bars, places to dance on any kind of music and much more. 
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