Marbella, Spain

This is a beautiful city situated on the Mediterranean see between Malaga and Gibraltar Strait, at the bottom of Sierra Blanca. This is one of the most important tourist cities of Costa del Sol and it’s an international tourist attraction, because of its climate and scenery. Moreover the city also houses a significant archaeological heritage, many museums and Entertainment spots, and a cultural calendar with events ranging from music concerts to opera performances. 
Marbella is a major destination for luxury cruise ships and mega yachts which dock in its harbor. Marbella’s historic quarter is located at the foot of the Sierra Blanca hills. With a brilliant layout which illuminates its typically Andalusian charm .and orange trees which pop up on every corner to give it a natural allure.
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The Greater Church of la Encarnación, built in the 16th century is the main spiritual attraction, it offers a glimpse into the lives of the people who live here in the days gone. Adjacent to the church stands one of the two towers which formed part of the city’s old Arab fortress, from the ninth century. It’s an impotent historical site offering insists into the architecture dating many centuries ago.
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The Spanish Contemporary Engraving Museum is thought to be to be the most important of its kind in Spain. The museum which lies in the Hospital Bazán (16th century), houses an important engravings from the 19th and 20th centuries, which includes works by grand masters of the stature of Picasso, Miró and many more.
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Golf sport is an integral part of Marbella culture. In fact, Marbella has many best golf courses in the world, with all facilities, hotels and services for visiting golfers. Magnificent sand beaches also offer a lot than a coastline can offer and are popular attractions to visitors. Sun bathing, swimming and beach football are some of the popular recreation activities along the coastline.
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Marbella’s testiest cuisine may consist of; ajoblanco, fried fish “or “gazpacho”. Excellent sweet dessert wines are produced Under the Designation of Origin Malaga standard. The Fair and Festivals of San Bernabé, held during the first half of June is the most popular festival. Activities taking place during the festival ranges from concerts and bullfighting festivals among other activities.
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The Holy Week and the festivals in honor of Marbella’s patron saint, San Pedro de Alcántara, which take place in October, is also worth mentioning especially for religious tourists. There is a wide range of holiday accommodation in Marbella. You will find all kind of apartments, holiday homes, beautiful holiday villas in with pool and beautiful gardens, and beach hotels from three star comfort to five star luxury. Here accommodation easy to find and offers a range of accommodation arrangement for all budgets. 
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Marbella therefore is, without a doubt, Costa del Sol’s major tourist centers; this of course is as a result of the major attraction within the neighborhood and the excellent facilities and services it provides. The magnificent golf courses, sand beaches and the tasty recipes of the local cuisine can’t go unnoticed.
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