Cocos Island

Cocos Islands are small emerging coral spots in the Indian Ocean, North West of Australia and are territories of Australia. Cocos Islands are accessible by air transport thus; visitors often arrive at the Cocos International Airport in West Island of Cocos Islands from Perth, Australia. Cocos Islands are made up of twenty-seven coral islands and two atolls surrounded by the soft, sapphire-blue waters of the Indian Ocean. The islands are classified into the North Keeling Island and the South Keeling Islands. Only two islands: West Island and Home Island are populated with a total of approximately seven hundred people, while the other islands are set aside as tourist attractions.
The populated Cocos Islands consist of the native Malaya and European races. The Malaya community is popular for its richness in heritage as shown by their culture of living. However, Cocos Islands had no human population until the late eighteenth century when a European Captain William Keeling visited the island. The Malayans from Malaya, a British colony, were brought into the islands by the British to serve as slaves. This is the reason for the high population of native Malaya people in Home Island the highest populated island in the Cocos Islands.
With two exotic atolls and lagoons, natural white sand beach, lovely vegetation, spectacular marine life, waves of the Indian Ocean and the hospitality in the Islands makes the tourists proud to live and explore the beautiful coasty islands. Pay a visit to the free cultural Island of the Malaya, the Home Island. Take a tour into the island where the bicycle is the mostly used form of road transport. Visit the local restaurants and enjoy the spicy delicacies on offer. Alternatively, have a picnic at the shore of the coast under the shade of the large trees gracing the coast.
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The West Islands modernized since here you can easily find a vehicle to travel across the island. Explore the natural beautiful plants like the Caphyllum trees at the coast; find the harmonious marine life within the Indian Ocean by snorkeling in the waters at the coats of this splendid island.
Take a trip to the legendary and historic Prison Island. This island was a region set aside to house prisoners by the British. There are remains of the prison building that housed prisoners in the island. On the legend side of this island is a famous belief that the human form of the fish, a mermaid, lives at the shores of the prison island. The Malays claim that she can be heard calling for the native Malays at the coast of the island.
Fun activities taking place in the tropical islands are snorkeling, diving, kite-flying, fishing, cultural tours, swimming, and golf, tennis, surfing at the coast and watching the unique, admirable bird’s species in the islands. Travelers are enjoying this activities for years, and it is something that is only part of all the things that are attracting travelers from all over the world.
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Cocos Islands are too many to tour in just one day. Accommodation is abundant in forms of holiday houses and cottages. The hotels offer various special treats to tourists and ensure that all visits enjoy their stay and receive meals in the best proper way.
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