Jaipur, India

Jaipur is one of the globally significant tourist destinations that receive several international visits every year. Jaipur is a city sitting in the Rajasthan Desert and serves as a capital city of Rajasthan Province in India. Jaipur is popular for its pink and unique architectural designs. It is the best tourist destination in India where the Indian culture is portrayed with all majestic, Indian styles. Jaipur is an important historic city because it is the grass root of the royal history of the Indian community. Thus Jaipur is a highly cultural center with several natural attractions and historic sites waiting to be adventured, a visit you will always treasure in future.
The birth of Jaipur was a carefully planned project invented by a popular Indian known as Sawai. He found a beautiful lonely site and decided to establish a city with pink buildings. He is the one who made up the name of the city. The first part of the name, “Jai”, is the name of the first leader of the city, while the second part, “Pur”, is the Indian word for pink since the city’s buildings are pink.
This emergence of Jaipur occurred in the early eighteenth century when India was heavily civilized before the colonial era. The Jaipur we see today has some modernization of culture but still retains the traditional customs such as mode of dressing, varieties of food cuisine and religious customs that have been passed down through many generations.
When you visit Jaipur today, you will find several historical sites revealing much of the royal history of the Indians. To mention just a few of the popular sites are: the City Palace, Amber Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar an astronomy observation center of the eighteenth century, the Nahargarh Fort that was named after Prince Nahar is at the north side of Jaipur, and the security site of the Victory Fort built in the eighteenth century.
There are many natural features in Jaipur that contribute as one of the world’s magnificent sites. Explore the mountains near Jaipur like the Nag Tibba Mountain. Visist the Sariska National nPark and Ranthambore National Park to meet some of the rarest wild animals like the Indian tiger, leopard, antelope with four horns and many jungle cats of Jaipur. Participate in nature walks along the forests to meet a beautiful ecosystem of unique species of plants, animals and birds living there. You can join in the forest camping trail if you like it or you would love to try it out.
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Jaipur has high quality accommodation varieties to select for your long holiday in Jaipur. There are executive beach resorts, holiday houses, quality hotels, lodges and restaurants. There are clubs that operate all night long. The dishes are unique and rich in delicacy. Cultural dances are held occasionally in some hotels. You just have to book a room in the accommodation facilities available, pay their affordable fees and begin to settle safely every time you rest from a long day of adventure in Jaipur.

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