Bazaruto Island, Mozambiqe

Bazaruto Island is another travel destination you don’t want to miss out on. This is the largest island of this group of islands. Bazaruto Island’s bay on the northern side of the island houses the amazing Lodge which is a leisure destination perfect for people who want to escape from the crowded cities and enjoy the calm vacation at the Island.
Bazaruto ISland
Bazaruto Island is Mozambiques most beautiful paradise. The diversity of tropical fish is amazingly enriched with the coral regions spread all over, for which this island is names as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”.
Bazaruto Island is a great travel destination even if this is a vacation combined with business trip. The resort has a fully equipped conference room big enough for 25 people. The beauty of the island will help you spend your business trip more relaxed and get the message across efficiently.
This amazing travel destination is declared a National Park in 2000 due to the amazing and diverse animal and plant ecosystems. Bazaruto contains Bazaruto, Magaruque Islands and Benguerra and previously known Paradise Island, nowadays Santa Carolina.
Bazaruto Island is a small paradise and amazing travel destination for all of those who want to experience the true beauty of Mozambique. The blue waters, sandy beaches and the wildlife has attracted tourist around the world to this Island. Pestana Lodge is one of the most known places on the largest island of this Archipelago great for stay, nightlife and family time.
The island is so diverse that the beaches contain little for every visitor. Part are sandy, others are grassy. The coconut palms and the trees are found almost everywhere on shore. The waters house diverse sea animals such as dolphins, sea turtles and the lakes are home to crocodiles. This is just a part of what this island has to offer.
The “Pearl of the Indian Ocean” as it is called is enriched by rare tropical fish, blue water, warm climate and great surf. This amazing African getaway travel destination was renovated in 2007 to make tourist stay even more memorable and amazing.
This magnificent destination is true natural beauty. The sandy beaches are made from the current that flows near the island making the beaches one of a kind. Even when looked from satellite, you will be able to see the parallel lines along the shore that make the water very clear. As seen from this map the island has many lakes and swamps that make the topography of the island. The rock underneath has made a water-filled sinkholes. This tropical travel destination has December to March rain season of around 850 mm annualy. Inhassoro is the closest main town if Bazaruto belonging to Inhambane Province.
Bazaruto Island map 

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