Antalya, Turkey

Imagine a place where different scenery interlace to form a never-ending landscape. That is Antalya, a city located in the southwestern part of Turkey, bathing in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Where nature creates wonders, different civilizations create rich history. Antalya dates from distant and unknown periods. It was very important in Ancient times, famous for its beauty and strategic advantages. The fact that it was a desired piece of land in the past has not changed much today. There are one million people living in Antalya and many more who wish they lived there. Every year, millions of tourists fall in love with the little treasures of nature. Beautiful beaches, mountains that rise to the clouds and a sunny sky reflecting in the sea waves. 
The tourist season is fairly long. The warm climate keeps the city crowded from April to November. Activities of all kind will catch you eye at every corner. You will find all the sports that you associate with the beach like, surfing, beach volleyball and rafting, but you can also relax with a calm golf game, raise your adrenaline with an exciting football match, or try horse riding with your friends and family. If you an early bird and arrive at the start of the season in April, you might be just in time to enjoy both skiing in the mountains and sunbathing by the shore.
The Beach Park and park Ataturk are two places where main activities are concentrated. Curious and explorer-type tourists have the opportunity to spend time around the archeological sites and museums. Fancy stores are aligned along the avenues. Shopping can be a whole-day activity which makes Antalya a real Mecca for shopping lovers. And for the food lovers, there are fabulous restaurants which will tempt you with the delicacies of the Turkish cuisine and fresh sea food. Food is very cheap here, so a decent meal will cost you around €5. Mornings quickly descend above Antalya when you make a tour around the bars, night clubs and beach parties . But you will feel no need for rest. Sleeping is a waste of time in a place where all your dreams come true.
What you should be aware of are the shifty sellers who will convince you to buy anything. Remember that export of antiques is illegal, so when buying souvenirs stick to the conventional things like key chains and magnets. Restaurant prices may alter after you have finished your course, so always double check with your server. Antalya is a popular tourist destination, so it is quite easy to make a little online research before you book a hotel. You will be thrilled by what you read. And if you decide to visit, your amazement will be even greater. You will find out that words are powerless to describe this magnificent and heavenly sea resort. 

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